Assured returns

Investment plans with assured returns


Welcome to Propcruise Landbase Pvt Ltd. We  established in year 2019 by the people and for the growth of the citizen of India. Our only AIM is to provide a easy investment platform for every single individuals.

We have some exiting plans for you. All you need is to do some affiliation and promotion  for a selected duration of time period. We will assure you the guaranteed returns of your work.

1L with 24% annual return with 12 months Lockin
2L with 30% annual return with 18 months Lockin
3L with 36% annual return with 24 months Lockin

Before locking period-

  • withdraw any time with 15 days notice with 12% annually return till date if invest till 12 months lockin,
  • withdraw with 18% annual return till date(after 12 months) if invest with 18 months lockin,
  • withdraw with 24% annual return till date(after 18 months) if invest with 24 months}

Aadhar card, pan card, photo & 1 cheque/ bank details. Will send mail as guarantee.


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